GIS conferentie 2012 – wednesday

EilandToday and tomorrow there is GIS conference in Rotterdam. It’s called “GIS conference” however, it’s actually a users’ day of esri the Netherlands. Every other year I’m here just during one day but this year is special. I’m just back from my mathernity leave and I thought it would be a good chance to speak with everyone. This year I’m two days in Rotterdam. What have I seen on Wednesday? There is always a planary session in the morning and parallel sessions in the afternoon. I saw only the second part of the planary session and I’m a bit disapointed. The parallel sessions of my choice were better.
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My 10 productivity tips

tipsBeing productive is important. Being productive at work is crucial for your good performance and less stress. Being productive at home gives you more free time to spend with your dearest. Funny thing is that everyone thinks they are productive until the tasks they have storm on them and they find themselves literally snowed under! Everyone also has their own ways to do things and their own productivity TOP10 tips… so do I. The list got updated after our son was born and I was actually confronted with my own non-productivity. Read the full article »

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Cookiewet in Holland – part 2

So does my blog fall under the Cookiewet of the Netherlands? Yes and no… Who knows…

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Cookiewet in Holland

We got a new law some time ago – Cookiewet it is called and as the most of the Dutch internet community I see absolutely no point in it. It’s a typical trial of law trying to catch up with technology and failing at it. This way or another it’s a law and one should obey it but how?!

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Quick wins and long term goals while implementing WebGIS

quick winsIt has already been some time ago: Geocortex users conference… but only now I’m up to writing on the subject of quick wins and long term goals. During the conference Colin Doak held a presentation: Striking the Balance: Ensuring quick wins and long term success with Geocortex Essentials and of course since it’s been user conference it’s all about Geocortex, however the rules are the rules and can be applied to any kind of WebGIS during the implementation. At the time of the conference I have tweeted about it…

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Something cool – word cloud tool

footprint_orlinskaToday quite by accident I have found something cool! Read the full article »

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GIS conference 2012 – Kraacht van de kaart

It’s that time of the year and esri GIS conference is coming up. Just few weeks left. This year I’m not presenting at the conference and actually it will be me re-entering the GIS world after my maternity leave.

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How doing things “wrong” can be just “right” for your users

When you are working with standard products, sometimes you have to compromise. Not everything is possible, sure you know that… yet compromise does not come easy. Sometimes it means you have to either sacrifice usability (or user friendliness) of your WebGIS; or simply do things “wrong”. How can you do things “wrong”? Well, you can start by modifying the components that are linked to your WebGIS and end somewhere by making a total, unmanageable mess. Yes, obviously there is a gradation to doing things “wrong”. Let’s skip the obvious and concentrate on the compromise part and not on the making-a-mess part.

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GIS jargon buster

GIS jargon busterIt happens more than often that GIS professionals start to use this “language” of theirs and “normal people” do not understand anything out of it. This is frustrating to both sides actually but it’s not a flaw of GIS professionals as such but it’s more of a common problem when speaking with experts.

I though it would be cool to prepare GIS jargon buster. Something one can fall back-on when talking to the GIS specialist or something a GIS specialist might use to “translate” the professional terminology into “human” language.

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Making a mess and how to avoid it

software management mess Cloned MilkmenLife of any software manager is not easy and if you are a WebGIS software manager it is not different. No matter how you try, you will make at least a bit of a mess! Here are some examples and “strategies” of making a mess, that you should stay away from… (unless you are changing your job and a colleague you really don’t like will take over ;-) ) and of course what you could do to avoid the mess from happening. Read the full article »

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